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What Is Breaking Point Ministries?

This is a Christ-focused ministry that realizes and centers on the power of Jesus' death and resurrection at the cross (His finished work). He has called us to receive His new covenant; to be in such deep relationship with Him that His words become our words, so transforming so that His desires become our desires, and so powerful that His ways and thoughts become our ways and thoughts!
We work, as His body, to receive His healing, His strength, and His will for His people and His world. The tugging question that lies in peoples hearts is: Why are so many people "broken" and "dysfunctional" when they "believe" in Jesus?
The simple answer is because of bondages, lies, and blinded eyes.

Get Plugged In!

Have you been battling with depression, unhealthy relationships, generational curses, or feel there is a wall between you and your Heavenly Father? Have you reached your "breaking point"? Breaking Point offers a Holy-Spirit led healing journey called, Journey to Freedom. Click here to learn more and begin your healing!
Are you ready to connect, love, free, heal, engage, or teach? Click here to learn more about what Breaking Point offers!